CGCF Annual General Meeting by Zoom

A new Executive Committee took the helm at CGCF in November, passing leadership to a new Chair Ms. Shikha G. Khetan. Please read about Shikha below.

CGCT extends a sincere thanks Ms. Tara Gurung, previous CGCF Committee Chair who led CGCF  with compassion and dedication during the COVID crisis and through a staffing transition. We thank all the CGCF Committee and general members for their undying commitment to our shared causes and in keeping Chandra in Nepal’s memory.

Shikha had served as the CGCF pro-bono Program Manager since March 2021 and brings a wide range of experience, including managing WWF Nepal’s The Generation Green (TGG) and leading WWF’s Education programs.  Paraphrased from Shikha’s own words:

I had the opportunity to intern with WWF Nepal for three months in 2006 while I was pursuing my post-graduate degree in the UK. Dr. Chandra Gurung was the Country Representative of WWF Nepal at the time and was very considerate in listening to every intern’s experience at the office. On my last day, to my great surprise, he arranged for a Senior Managers meeting and asked me to make a presentation on the Database Management system update in the Rhino Hall at the WWF Nepal office. It was my first ever official presentation, and I was extremely touched by Dr. Gurung’s (willingness to listen to) a young person’s voice.

On my last meeting with him, he told me to return to Nepal upon completion of my studies. Within two weeks of my return to the UK, I heard the most petrifying news of the helicopter crash. That year, I think somewhere in my heart and mind I told myself that I would return to work at WWF Nepal. For me, he was a Guru and the simplest thing I could do for him was to follow his pursuit of conservation work. In 2013, I was hired as a Campaigns and Marketing Officer in WWF Nepal and worked there until 2019 as a Senior Officer, Education. I guess, I kept my word to him and to myself. I am happy to be now associated with CGCF and be a part of his belief and advocacy for people-based biodiversity conservation.

Additionally, Shikha is a freelance consultant for youth projects in conservation and education and is currently participating in training and workshops in gender and development. On the home front, she is married and has “two lovely angels: 7 years and 7 months old.”