Mentoring the Next Generation of Conservationists in Nepal

Nagdaha_Questionnaire survey with local ladies smaller

CGCT and its Nepal-based partner Chandra Gurung Conservation Foundation (CGCF) have together supported a number of mentorships for young Nepali graduates including the following:

Economic Valuation of Nagdaha Wetland: Ms. Rita Gurung used participatory methods to understand and raise awareness of the monetary value of environmental services provided by wetlands (left).

carrying basketloads of compost to the fields

Ritual Practices and Natural Resource Management: A Case Study from the Gurung Community of Sikles Village in West Nepal: Mentee, Mr. Pol Bahadur Gurung documented and analysed everyday practices in Sikles, Chandra’s home village in the Annapurna region of central Nepal.


Ecotourism Opportunities in Dang Valley: Mr. Jeevan Thapa focused his mentorship on ecotourism in the Dang Valley and continued on to become Chief Executive Officer for the Environment Professionals’ Training and Research Institute, Kathmandu.

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Journalism and Climate Change: Ms. Anjana Shrestha was mentored by Dr. Ghana Gurung, WWF in looking at how the media covers or does not cover climate change; obstacles and ways to increase awareness.