COVID has taught us to be resilient, re-adjusting expectations and re-making plans, much as Nepalis live even in normal times.

Now in its 15th year, CGCT continues to respond to Nepal’s ever-changing needs through crisis after crisis, providing emergency relief while never losing sight of our overall mission of “people-oriented biodiversity conservation” (POBC).

This year, we have strengthened familiar ties and developed new partnerships, fueling locally administered emergency relief while investing in Nepal’s future through our Mentorship Program for young conservation leaders. Thank you for standing by and supporting us.

We’ve also seen our sister organization in Nepal, Chandra Gurung Conservation Foundation (CGCF), grow ever stronger. The newly elected CGCF Executive Committee brings renewed commitment to our shared goals of upholding Chandra’s vision for POBC. We salute the new Executive Committee Chaired by Ms. Shikha G. Khetan, whom we profile in this issue.

In this our annual newsletter, we also share with you the steadfast work of three CGCT Advisors’ whose notable projects past and present we champion. We learn how Chandra’s legacy has inspired his son Adhish Gurung to fight a frightfully out-of-scale airport in southern Nepal. We hear how Brot Coburn’s son Tenzing is building a greenhouse in a remote mountain valley in Nepal, reflecting his father’s lifetime commitment to bettering the lives of disadvantaged Nepalis.

Advisor Dr. Sara Parker is known and loved in Chandra’s home village Sikles for her decades of heritage conservation and community empowerment work. Recall her photo-montage of the Sikles Gurung community and its traditions in Our Village, Our Lives.  Alongside a cadre of menstruation activists, she is now leading Nepali women and girls into a life without shame in the Dignity without Danger project.

With a slight hiccup in the 2021 mentees’ field work, your generous donations will allow us to continue the CGCT/CGCF Mentorship Program next year. We’ll begin with a comprehensive review and evaluation of the program. Please let us know what you think.

Thank you heartfully for your financial support. Please donate generously, knowing that 100% goes to our programs in Nepal.

With best regards, Wendy Lama, Maureen DeCoursey, Wendy King and Steve Powers, the CGCT Board